East Street Redesign

The evolution of Frederick’s East Street will happen over decades and members of the community have gathered countless times to discuss their concerns over the matter. There are plans for a redesign of East Street which will be the start of a new form-based code for the area.

East Street Redesign

The people of the community come with ideas and concerns for the area. Some people would like East Street to be more like a Market Street, but while maintaining a distinct feel that’s separate from other parts of downtown. Some have concerns about this area not having enough spaces for pedestrians to walk or bike ride. It is important to gather all ideas, concerns, and input from business owners and people who call this area their home community.

One main focus of the redesign project will be making the corridor safer and more comfortable for bikers and pedestrians by adding or widening sidewalks, putting in more crosswalks, and adding shared use paths. The plan will also provide opportunities for walkers and hikers who are looking to do more than just get around their individual neighborhoods.

Included in the long-term vision for the redesign of East Street will also be a pedestrian and bicycle trail stretching from near the MARC station near downtown, over the interchange of U.S. 15 and Md. 26 to just past the Clemson Corner shopping center.

That trail will link up with an asphalt trail running 1.79 miles along the right of way for the Walkersville Southern Railroad to the Fountain Rock Nature Center near Walkersville, and ultimately out to Heritage Farm Park in Walkersville.

As mentioned, East Street area will be Frederick’s introduction to a form-based code, with an emphasis on elements such as moving buildings closer to the street, creating inviting areas for pedestrians, and providing connections between neighborhoods in a zoning process that focuses on creating a particular type of place or environment rather than how a property is used. Form-based code controls the things that many residents care about, such as the height and character of buildings, locations for trees, and walkability.

Resource for this post: By Ryan Marshall rmarshall@newspost.com

To read more about the redesign click the link below.


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