So many projects are already here. So many more are just waiting to become a reality.

Check out how these projects have made the most of this incredible, largely untapped area. Some have found the perfect space in historic old buildings. Others have built their own. But in every case, the feeling is the same: East Frederick is awesome.
Frederick is uniquely positioned to become an economic hub of mid-Maryland, and East Frederick presents an opportunity to conceive and realize a bold modern concept of adaptive re-use, revitalization and urban development. The East Frederick Area spans from the eastern edge of the City of Frederick through the historically industrial part of the City and eastward to the Monocacy River (including the Frederick Fairgrounds and the Frederick Municipal Airport.) As this area includes one of the largest reserves of industrial and light industrial properties in the county, the potential for innovative mixed-use redevelopment is unprecedented in the region.
East Frederick is envisioned to serve as a technology incubator, jobs center, transportation hub, and marquee urban neighborhood. Development is in the early stages now and will continue over the next 30-50 years. The mission of East Frederick Rising is to guide the vision and planning processes to ensure that the extraordinary potential of East Frederick is fully realized.

Phase 1: East All Saints Street to East 7th Street

Phase 1 is complete.

Phase 2: East 8th Street to 800 feet south of US15/MD 26 interchange

Estimated cost: $590,000
Currently, the city has funding for 100% design and construction, 80% of which is funded by the Maryland Transportation Alternatives Program, managed by the State Highway Administration. It is currently awaiting environmental approval to proceed.

Phase 3: South of the US15/MD 26 interchange to Clemson Corner

Estimated cost $5.94 million
The city has applied for a federal RAISE Grant to fund 80% of this project, with the remaining coming from the city’s Capital Improvement Program.

Planning Principles

EFR’s work is guided 
by the following planning principals:

Economic growth through large and small business creation that generates new, sustainable jobs for the region.

Livable streets which maintain and leverage the City’s historic charm with a pedestrian focus.

Compact, mixed use development to serve regional economic, social, and cultural needs.

A long-term focus and sense of stewardship to create an environment which future generations will value.

Creation of place in which safe, comfortable, and appealing social activity centers are developed for workers, residents, and tourists.

Strategic land consumption that emphasizes efficient and appealing infill of vacant or redeveloped areas in EFRs designated geographic scope of interest.

Technologically advanced and environmentally sensitive infrastructure that creates a variety of transportation links and efficient access to communications and utilities.

An Opportunity for a Bold New Community

East Frederick Infrastructure Presentation for Frederick Day 2018 in Annapolis, MD.

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