Letter from the VP: East Street Study

View of East Frederick and Carrol Creek with the sun rising behind some trees.

For over a decade the city has been setting the table for transforming East Street into the major corridor it is evolving into today. Just over 10 years ago the city completed the relocation of the interchange on I-70 from Market Street to East Street. As a result, East Street has become the primary gateway into the city. In 2017 the City completed the East Street Corridor Small Area Plan that both serves to protect the historical industrial past of this section of Frederick as well as set the objectives for beautifying and developing the corridor.

The City’s Capital Improvement Plan has earmarked funds for creating a linear park along the railroad line. The plan addresses working with the Corp of Engineers on flooding issues at the north end of the corridor near the YMCA. There are plans to improve the stormwater management system by completing curbs and gutting all along the corridor as well as completing sidewalks. There is significant residential development, both planned and ongoing, at the intersection of East and North Market, behind the former Clorox Plant and the former site of the Frederick Brick Works. Currently, there is an Engineering Study that will be completed this Spring addressing traffic patterns, and bike trails. Soon the City will have a consultant looking at Form-Based Design concepts to set the template for Commercial and Residential Development along the corridor.

East Frederick Rising is excited that the city is investing in this corridor. There are significant changes coming that will serve to improve the livability of the community. Be part of the change and contribute your energy to defining East Frederick’s future.

-Robert Robey, Vice President

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