To build on last month’s newsletter, in which we highlighted the many long standing industries that have shaped East Frederick, several who are still operating today, and the market forces that are reshaping the area as we speak, I want to focus this month on the planning that is underway by the City of Frederick as City Planner’s craft and update the 2011 Comprehensive Plan to be revealed in 2020. Planning, especially on a macro scale, such as the preparation of a comprehensive plan, is the cornerstone to smart growth and guiding market forces in a way that makes our City an even better place to live, work and play.

This is the time for BIG IDEAS to be put forward as well as sharpening focus on past ideas that haven’t been accomplished yet. EFR, with the help of East Frederick residents and businesses, are putting forth keystone issues that are important to the sustainability and future growth of East Frederick.

We have made it known to the City that Form Based Code is a priority to deal with the current mix of zonings that span East Frederick and is most compatible to deal with changing market forces.

We have emphasized the immediate need to address the inadequate stormwater management system or lack thereof, so business and residents can invest in their properties without concern for future water damage.

We are pushing for more street connections like that at E. 5th Street through to E. Church St. extended, so vehicles have alternatives to get off and on to N. East St., as well as pedestrian walkways and pathways like the Rails to Trails project that allow alternative means of travel, such as bicycles, to traverse across town with ease.

Please don’t hesitate to put forth your own ideas or prerogative as we work together to ensure a livable and workable East Frederick community.


Chris Kline Jr

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