In the past year and a half, it appears flash flood warnings have become more commonplace in Frederick County. Frederick’s history of development without proper caution for erosion and water flow has forced many in the City to ask what can be done. Year over year stormwater management and smarter development can prevent the situation from becoming any worse. East Frederick is set to grow with Renn Farm’s 1000+ residences and numerous other residential and commercial projects.

Undoubtedly the Carroll Creek spillway at Baker Park has been successful in reducing floods that have been known to happen within the city. While it is true that no matter the intervention, 6.5 inches of rainfall in two hours (May of 2018) is going to be a problem for any City. There is work that can be further done to prevent road closures that periodically plague the city. It will be essential to communicate to homeowners and business owners in the area that the City is proactive. It is EFRs commitment to raise awareness for what developers can do in these new communities and business parks, but also help keep the City focused on remedies for what is already built.

What often goes understated is the flooding in East Frederick. Franklin Street, which intersects with E. Patrick St at the Fairgrounds, and points east have inadequate storm drains to handle all the runoff, one storm drain to be precise between Frainklin St. and Orchard Ave. to the east. As a result the water surpasses the storm drain and settles as a pool on Orchard Ave, often times Flooding the businesses located there. John Bare, a local landlord and business owner on E. Patrick at Orchard Ave, has struggled in recent years to prevent further flooding has initiated action by imploring the City’s leadership to act to find solutions, as well as physically putting in temporary berms/sandbags. EFR is asking for comments from business owners and residents in the East Frederick area that had issues with flooding. This is not only a matter for Frederick’s current residents and business, but key to attract future generations to relocating to Frederick.

If you would like to share your concerns or thoughts with EFR, please contact us at: secretary@eastfrederickrising.org

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