Give Us A Quick Biography

I am a Registered Architect and Senior Project Manager with Zavos Architecture+Design off West Patrick Street. I also teach classes part time at Frederick Community College and The Universities at Shady Grove. I also teach Sunday school classes at Beth Sholom Synagogue. I live in the Overlook Neighborhood with my wife Melody and French Bulldog, Cosette. I am an avid whiskey enthusiast and love to meet fellow Frederick citizens and business folks.

How Long have you been on the Board? What are some of your roles?

I have been a member since 2018 and joined the executive board in 2020 as EFR’s Secretary. I am creating materials to outline the East-West Connection via 7th street in hopes to create more interest in smart development along our East Street Corridor.

What Drew You To East Frederick Rising?

I have worked in Frederick since 2008 and knew of the board right when I started my architectural career. After about a decade I looked into joining the board when I realized there was a need to strengthen the organization’s priorities and message between the City and Community at large. It is great to see the Union Mills project and others go ahead in recent years, and there is much more on the horizon. I feel my education and interest in Architecture and Urban Design are important perspectives for projects in the City.

What Is Your Vision For Frederick?

Respect the City’s current aesthetic and population while creating new density in Frederick to extend and feels like part of the City. Instead of having the City feel like it ends at East Street, East Street can be the new center of town. I feel that’s looking to the east as an extension of the grid and feel of existing fabric. Equally important is give voice to the concerns those who live or work on the east side a voice in the City’s conversations.

Goals for the Next Year?

Outreach. Make it clear to stakeholders in the City we are here for them.

What would you tell someone who is interested in learning more about East Frederick Rising?

Whether you live, work, or are a Frederick Citizen that has an interest in the East Frederick story, please consider joining us for a meeting, which are held monthly. I am readily available for coffee to give perspective. Please email me at

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