East Frederick Rising (EFR) is a non-profit corporation seeking to cultivate a vibrant economic center on the east side of Frederick City that reflects the charm and viability of the historic downtown center while incorporating technologically advanced infrastructure and amenities.  The group is represented by a diverse group of members of the business community; local, state and federal government; and City of Frederick residents.

EFR, in cooperation with the City of Frederick, is helping to guide urban growth in a wise, incremental direction, weaving the city’s historic heart, charm, and unique character seamlessly into all new revitalization and development on the east side of Frederick City.

In the interest of economic vitality, safety, and efficient infrastructure, it promotes sustainable projects of varied sizes and land uses for residential and commercial development which create a sense of local context while satisfying regional demand for employment, housing, and cultural amenities.

EFR brings together the pooled skills of our citizens, city leaders, developers, and professionals to build consensus through shared interdisciplinary perspectives, constructive counsel, discussion forums, and healthy, friendly, respectful cooperation between all sections of our community.