Who is East Frederick Rising?

Who is East Frederick Rising?

Who is EFR? 

East Frederick Rising is a local nonprofit that advocates on behalf of the east side of Frederick. We promote residential and commercial projects that result in economic vitality and communities that are walkable, connected, vibrant, safe, attractive, and sustainable. We prioritize projects that create a sense of local context while also satisfying regional demand for employment, housing, and cultural amenities. 

Our mission is to serve the City of Frederick by helping guide urban growth in a wise, incremental fashion, weaving our city’s historic charm and unique character seamlessly into a development on the east side of Frederick. 

What exactly do we do?

  • Collaborate / We work to build consensus through constructive counsel, discussion forums, and healthy, respectful cooperation among all segments of our community. 
  • Advocate /  We act as a voice for East Frederick to ensure that local current and future needs are met for all stakeholders. 
  • Educate / As experts on East Frederick and sustainable development, we educate local businesses, developers, and community members on policies and practices. 

Who do we represent? 

We pride ourselves on holistically including multiple stakeholders in our work! We represent residents and business owners. We believe that current and future needs are equally important and thus work proactively to protect East Frederick. While we focus on East Frederick’s 2200 acres from East St to Monocacy river and I-70 to 12th Street, we believe that it is important to work with Frederick City as a whole.